Decorative lichens and dried flowers Canva (2)

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  Canva made of stabilized natural lichens of different colors and dried flowers.

If you are looking for an object of interior design and you want to naturally decorate a space, MARY DESIGN comes in handy. Thus, lichen decorations are the right choice for any interiour space.

For an indoor environment, the canva is suitable to decorate every room of your house, but also the office. Lichen canvas are thus the best option for an indoor green space that is easy to maintain and with a special decorative value.

Stabilized lichens purify the air by removing allergens such as dust, mold spores and pollen particles, keeping it fresh, and at the same time, having a specific forest smell, it also has an odorizing effect on the room.

Lichens also bring many health benefits such as:

  • improve air quality and help reduce respiratory problems, an effect observed especially in office spaces
  • are a good indicator of the humidity of a space. Although they are preserved, they absorb moisture from the air and become stiff and brittle when the humidity in the room drops below 40%
  • do not require direct natural light, watering or mowing and are resistant to temperature changes and insects

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All MARY DESIGN paintings are exclusively handmade, on order.

Given the fact that each product is unique, the replicas will not be exactly accurate, but we will make sure that each product ordered imitates as much as possible the original in the picture.

Hue, tone, and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor or screen of the device from which you are viewing the product.

❀️ The painting is provided in the MARY DESIGN gift wrap.

Handmade product in Romania πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄

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