"(...) I lovingly accompany the craftsman to the work of his hands" Petre Ispirescu

Chemical engineer by profession, but essentially a collector of emotions, I find my roots in creation and I love to inspire! My passion for combining materials of all kinds was a key element in the development of my creative spirit, and thus jewelry and design have become the quintessence of what I represent today.

MARY DESIGN boutique is therefore the source of inspiration where matter is converted into emotion.

My name is Marilena and I am a jewelry designer and founder of the MARY DESIGN Online Boutique. The idea of ​​handmade jewelry and decorations began its course in 2015, out of the desire to create a brand that would resonate with today's modern woman.

Women and the love of beauty have always been our main source of inspiration, motivation and strength. There is no greater force than women who come together to support each other. Thus, MARY DESIGN's creations aim to give every woman their unique, natural and free spirit, and to accompany her in the many roles she fulfills in life.

MARY DESIGN embraces the forces of femininity and seeks to provide the perfect balance through confidence and brilliance. Our brand questions the conventional, aiming to explore and affirm femininity through every piece of jewelry, collection and wearer.

The unique style of MARY DESIGN targets bold women, who venture into self-discovery and who do not fear to form their own identity.

From the finesse of the jewelry to the interior decorations, all the pieces are handmade, with great care and attention.

In the MARY DESIGN studio, each collection wishes to highlight the authentic woman role model, independent and passionate about her own style.