Mixed Colors / Red Flowers pouring Canva

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 The Mixed Colors painting is a modern, abstract painting, painted in acrylic colors on canvas, by the pouring method.

Hand-painted canvas use different pouring techniques, giving rise to the creator's own freedom of expression, and outlining the artist's momentary energy on canvas.

The colors circulate on the canvas, the shapes change quickly, and the final result is given by stopping the movement or when the composition itself chooses, being a fluid process.

The vibrant colors, shapes and texture of the painting offer originality and beautify any space, be it at home or at the office.

All MARY DESIGN paintings are exclusively handmade on order.

Given the fact that each product is unique, the replicas will not be exactly accurate, but we will make sure that each product ordered imitates as much as possible the original in the picture.

Hue, tone, and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor or screen of the device from which you are viewing the product.

❤️ The painting is provided in the MARY DESIGN gift wrap.

Handmade product in Romania 🇷🇴

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