Resin Multi-tiered Decorative Support

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The tiered support is handmade from epoxy resin and is used for cakes decoration, jewelry or other decorative objects.

The product is made of inserts and pigments of different colors. Pigments and inserts are inserted one at a time, drop by drop, making each product unique.

Given the fact that each product is unique, the replicas will not be exactly accurate, but we will make sure that each product ordered imitates as much as possible the original in the picture.

Hue, tone, and color intensity may vary depending on the monitor or screen of the device from which you are viewing the product.


- 3 shelves of different sizes (diameter: 27cm, 22cm, 17cm) and gilded metal support

❀️ The support is provided in the MARY DESIGN gift wrap.

Handmade product in Romania πŸ‡·πŸ‡΄

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