Make sure you know the shape of your face and choose the right earrings!

Triangular / long face

In the case of a triangular face, where the forehead is the widest part of the face, choose earrings that create the illusion of width at the jaw, such as chandelier earrings.

Oval face

People with an oval face are very lucky because they can wear almost any type of earrings - small, long, round, chandelier type.

Round girl

Opt for earrings that lengthen your face, such as long earrings. Avoid round earrings because they will only accentuate your round head.

Heart-shaped face

This shape involves a sharp chin that can be counterbalanced with chandelier-type earrings. Wider earrings at the bottom help.

Square girl

People with this shape can opt for medium to long earrings with rounded edges. Even round earrings fit. Avoid earrings that involve a square shape.