The choice of the necklace implies attention to the outfit we choose to wear and implicitly attention to the neckline. Depending on this, the necklace can beautify the look or shade it. For example, a statement necklace should be worn with a deep or very low neckline.


Strapless neckline

In the case of such a neckline, the neck, collarbone and upper chest remain empty, which means that you can opt for a variety of simple, long, statement necklaces.

Heart-shaped neckline

In this case, you can opt for a short, fine, simple chain. Make sure the chain does not fit over the dress / blouse, but is positioned a few inches above it so that the neckline does not look bulky.


Make sure the accessory you wear complements the width and depth of the V-shape.
Choose a chain that fits the length of the neckline.

High neckline

Such necklines do not allow much accessorization with chains, so the focus should be on other jewelry, such as statement earrings or even a bracelet.

Asymmetrical neckline or shoulder

Like high necklines, necklaces may look out of place. Moreover, even the other accessories should be as simple as possible, as the look itself is a "dramatic" one.
Earrings are the ones that should catch the eye in this case.

Shoulderless neckline

To emphasize the shape of the neck and collarbone, which are highlighted in this case, you can opt for a choker chain, located in the middle of the neck.

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